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Enhancing The Health & Well Being of Your Pet

LD Veterinary Hospital created history in Bangladesh by opening its doors in 2019 with a full-service, small-animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care.
The LD Veterinary Hospital is facilitating day-to-day treatment, immunization, vaccination, artificial insemination, surgical intervention, etc. of livestock, pets, small animals, and bird.

Our Mission

Enabling Meaningful Influence during Complex Diagnostic Procedures

In instances where specialized diagnostic procedures are essential, LD Veterinary Hospital takes proactive steps to make a meaningful impact. Our facility boasts a comprehensive pharmacy, an advanced in-hospital surgery suite, on-site x-ray capabilities, a meticulously monitored hospitalization zone, and outdoor boarding kennels paired with expansive walking spaces – all designed to ensure your pets’ well-being and comfort.
LD Veterinary Hospital Day Care Limited About Us
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