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Mercutio, thou consortest [a little excess] with Romeo.

Mercutio, thou consortest [a little excess] with Romeo.

The Wurtele push level with the Minneapolis Guthrie theatre was transformed into a Disneyesque Italian mountaintop community world, beautifully made with film-set care by Anna Louizos. Inside comprehensive generation records , Louizos claims that she’s knowingly evoking walled isolation and generational civil dispute. The resulting put conjures a visual picture of a “restrictive and repressive industry” with unusually exact materiality. This microcosmic Verona, including walled stairways, towering medieval window-lit dwellings, and a clock and bell tower that looms since the main menacing representation of power, offers a National Geographic specificity to Joseph Haj’s Romeo and Juliet.

Created throughout the Wurtele’s revolve, the town rotates in tandem using clock-face dials to reveal a meticulous pre-Raphaelite Juliet bedchamber, a common material balcony, or Friar Lawrence’s monastic chambers. The main performing neighborhood is ruled to start with by a practical font-shaped water fountain that gently mushrooms in watery reality. Trapdoor systems allow this fountain to-fall under the phase, abandoning a hexagonal, slightly-raised system which sooner holds the resting-place tomb of Juliet. Three lower-level gates are located when you look at the ready, though these manage just incidental because most entrances and exits occur through downstage right and leftover market accessibility details.

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Stan Demidoff (Tybalt) locks swords with Lamar Jefferson (Benvolio) inside the foreground of Romeo and Juliet. Image by Jenny Graham.

If the Guthrie movie theater’s Romeo and Juliet seems pre-Raphaelite inside it perspectival verisimilitude, then it becomes decidedly postmodern in directorial conceit. (more…)